echo::system is a response to our current global crisis caused by contemporary human inability to reflect upon our own impact on the natural world.

Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Premiere

On April 15 - 17, 2016 echo::system - treadmill dreamtime running in place will be premiered at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts.

Exhibition / Installation 11am–5pm Performances Friday /Saturday / Sunday 8pm

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[Photos by Chris Cameron at MANCC]

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MANCC Residency at Florida State University

Grisha Coleman and her collaborative team of performers, architect, electro-acoustic sound, video, 3d animation, lighting, and human-computer interface designers recently completed a residency at MANCC developing Treadmill Dreamtime, running in place, the second installment of echo::system -- a framework for arts-driven research and public engagement constructed to mediate connections to our environment through the practices of art and science.

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fusion of practices

A fusion of art installation, choreographed multi-media performance, and public engagement that looks to mediate meaningful connections between art and science. This project seeks to transform disembodied, abstracted information about the environment into a fully sensory, experiential, embodied event in an effort to make significant perspective shifts in how we interact with our environment. We create a series of surreal ecologies, or echo systems, in which the public may interact and reflect upon their simulated surroundings. In a tradition of speculative fiction, the project creates alternative environments to promote reflection upon how and where we live.

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echo::system is a project conceived as a series of five, large-scale, multi-media environments constructed for both live performance and interactive installation. Each environment corresponds to a natural habitat: #1Abyss, #2Desert, #3Forest, #4Prairie and #5Volcano. Collectively these are known as "ActionStations", each parallels a natural environment in our world and are developed with altered histories, timescales, and ecological protocol.

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actionstation 1: the abyss

The Abyss looks at the most current research at the ocean's abyssal layer. Elements, qualities and dynamic potentials of the ocean are identified while translating the behavior of the overall system into movement, sound and poetry.

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actionstation 2: the desert

actionstation.2 creates a mytho-poetic rendering of real and imagined desert landscapes by combining choreographed multimedia performance with treadmills, re-engineered as interactive interfaces, in a hybrid enviroment.

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actionstation 3: the forest

The Forest takes sound as the compositional starting point for imagining this installation. A forest, often a dense and noisy home to many creatures, offers an opportunity for an orchestral and architectural approach for sound design and linking narrative.

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funding and acknowledgements

The project is the recipient of a National Foundation for the Arts [NEA] New Media grant, support from the Surdna Foundation, along with the support of ASU and the School of Arts, Media and Engineering [AME].

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