actionstation 1: the abyss

The Abyss looks at the most current research at the ocean’s abyssal layer. Elements, qualities and dynamic potentials of the ocean are identified while translating the behavior of the overall system into movement, sound and poetry.

The Abyss

The 40-minute, site-specific piece is performed outdoors to spectators suspended from a bridge overlooking the ravine. The Divers, work with a looping system of pulleys and ropes connected to a potentiometer receiving input sent to a digital model of an abyss. The choreography, is triggered by information received from the model. Traditional Hawaiian chants merge with strains of Jacques Cousteau to emerge as a singular vocal chant alongside the song of the deep-sea worm, the oldest living creature on earth its ‘voice’ re-composed for a human voice.

We co-exist with our future and with our past.
We carry the genes of our history.
We manifest the genetic traits of our history in our present body [un] conscious.
We cut across different temporalities.

The Divers move into the Abyss