Grisha Coleman and echo::system receive Tech Residency at Pioneer Works

Pioneer Works is pleased to welcome the 2017 Pioneer Works Residents in Music, Technology, and Visual Arts. Founded in 2012, the Pioneer Works Residency Program provides free studio space for experimental and innovative practitioners in visual art, music, and technology. The Tech residents for 2017 include Aether, Grisha Coleman, Sam Lavigne, and Ziv Schneider.

Ourselves, From a Distance

Stanford Arts Review discusses echo::eystem — Treadmill Dreamtime, Running in Place. In part of performance, her performers raise themselves above the belt, making it appear as though they’re running on air; they set the treadmills on low, walk to the front of the treadmill, stand, fall, and repeat; they stand on the arms of the treadmill, balancing and singing—all the same things I did as a child, but with a purpose.

dance is just the surface!

echo::system featured in the SF Chronicle: 'We expect science fiction to take us to other planets. But in echo::system — Treadmill Dreamtime, Running in Place, Grisha Coleman invites us into an imaginary otherworld here on Earth.'

Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Premiere

On April 15 - 17, 2016 echo::system - treadmill dreamtime running in place will be premiered at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts. Exhibition / Installation 11am–5pm Performances Friday /Saturday / Sunday 8pm. Click here for tickets and more info.

MANCC Residency at Florida State University

Grisha Coleman and her collaborative team of performers, architect, electro-acoustic sound, video, 3d animation, lighting, and human-computer interface designers recently completed a residency at MANCC developing Treadmill Dreamtime, running in place, the second installment of echo::system -- a framework for arts-driven research and public engagement constructed to mediate connections to our environment through the practices of art and science.